“The unsurpassed quality of ARTISAN BARRELS SELECTION barrels lies in all of our processes which drive unsurpassed quality. Our unique approach to sourcing, seasoning and toasting produces the best Central European oak barrel on the market today.”

Export barrel [225/228L]
Hybrid [265L]
Hogshead [300L]
Puncheon [500L]
Small barrel [112 L]
Small barrel [56 L]


24 and 36 months air-dried
○ Zemplén Forest - Hungarian oak
    The unsurpassed quality of barrels made by Balazs begins in the forest. Our cooperage is produced of 100% Quercus petraea, sourced exclusively from the old-growth forests of the Zemplén Mountains (north of Tokaj) in northeastern Hungary.
    Mr. Balázs Nagy, Balázs master cooper, is a well known and respected figure among Hungarian coopers. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Nagy has visited and studied many of the largest cooperages in the world. His expertise and experience shone in the mid 1990s, as under his leadership, one of Europe’s best equipped, highest quality cooperages was built in South-Western Hungary. Then in 2002, he set out to top himself and found his own cooperage in his home town of Botykapeterd, which became fully operational in 2004.

    Mr. Balázs Nagy understands that shortcuts in the name of efficiency produce undesirable results. Once split, staves are sorted by length and hand stacked outdoors on a concrete pad for proper seasoning. For a period of at least 24 months, Mr. Nagy allows sun, wind, and rain to weather the staves, dry the wood and leech out harsh tannins. Periodically, staves are inspected to insure uniform drying. When satisfied with the results, the staves are brought inside for planning and assembly.

    Once assembled, the inside of the barrel is toasted according to the winemaker’s specifications. This toasting, also known as “second firing”, is one of the most important processes in producing a premium barrel. During toasting, various components of the wood caramelize, thereby developing the complex aromas and flavors that will be imparted to the wine.

    Balázs cooperage has been working closely with clients located in North Carolina (Biltmore Estate – Asheville // Childress Vineyards – Lexington // Hanover Park Vineyards – Yadkinville // Naked Mountain Vineyards – Markham // Shelton Vineyards – Dobson // Westend Vineyards – Lewisville // RayLen Vineyards and Winery – Mocksville). Since 2006, Balázs products are present in California (Buehler Vineyards – St Helena, Londer Vineyards – Philo).