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Small Barrel [113L]
Export barrel [225L]


24 and 36 months air-dried
○ American oak blend: Northern Missouri and Kentucky Forests
A&K Cooperage was initially started as a keg business by Dale Andrews and his son-in-law Dale Kirby. The company started by producing 5- to 20- gallon kegs but for more than 25 years has concentrated solely on manufacturing 59- gallons American white oak barrels.

Their wine barrels made in the European tradition use wood treated with a technique called fire bending, which make the wood more pliable. The European-style barrels are air-dried approximately 18 to 24 months.

As of 2015, Silver Oak Cellars has assumed full ownership of the cooperage, ensuring a secure future. A longtime California customer, Silver Oak had previously purchased 50% of the company in 2000. Together, they purchased several hundred acres of timberland to ensure a constant supply of wood for future use. Silver Oak is the largest consumer of A&K barrels, using about 3,000 of its barrels every year.

A&K Cooperage and their Missouri oak barrels’ presence in the Artisan Barrels portfolio serves to broaden the range of oak solutions Artisan Barrels can offer cost conscious winemakers. Since 2007, A&K has been able to provide with laser etching wineries logos onto the barrels' heads as well as three years air-dried barrels.