" Achieving quality requires necessary constraints. Rousseau has followed consistently these self-inspired rules. Our cooperage has been trying for 50 years to reach this goal with humility".

Export barrel [225/228 L]
Tradition barrel [228 L]
Puncheon [450 L]
Demi - Muid [600 L]
Open Top Fermenters
Maturation Vats
2 in 1 Vats - Matur. & Ferm.
Round Casks
Oval Casks

24 months air-dried
○ Bertranges
○ Tronçais
○ Châtillon
○ House Blend France "Balance"
○ House Blend Centre France "Finesse"
○ House Blend East of France "Structure"
○ Five anniversary barrel [ultra tight grain]

36 months air-dried
○ House Blend France
○ Pinot Noir Selection
○ Chardonnay Selection
Tonnellerie Rousseauis a family business run today by Jean Marie Rousseau. This small cooperage sells most of its production to the nearby vineyards of Burgundy, as well as to the main wine producing regions of Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa and California.
With its 50 years of experience, Tonnellerie Rousseau remains the last "Tonnelier- Foudrier" - manufacturer of both small barrels and large capacity oak cooperage - in Burgundy.
The tradition of long, open-air drying of the oak, with exposure to the rain, wind and sun, reduces excessively green tannins and helps the polymerisation of the "noble" oak tannins. This long natural seasoning process contributes to the final quality of Rousseau Barrels. Careful selection of merrain stave-wood also guarantees the best raw material available to our Master Coopers.
Bending and Toasting, using oak chips is carefuly monitored to ensure that barrels meet our client's specifications. Our master coopers apply slow extraction toasting to yield the best , most harmonious tannins and oak aromatics.

Over the last 10 years, Rousseau cooperage has been working closely with clients in the US (Archery summit, Sonoma Curter) and in Burgundy (Domaine Leflaive, Nicolas Potel) to fine tune, test and improve their new products assortment. Sensory and chemical analysis are held regularly in France, the US, Australia and New Zeland to monitor oak trials.